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it is a very tiring thing when u have to hide sumthing from sumone, or perhaps everyone, live in a world full of lies and hipocracy, and its totally make me sick….im trapped in between a situation that nobody knows, and only myself knows it….and de only person who understand the situation is me…i mean…who lyke to be trapped in a world dat u urself dunot hv d idea about d ending ryte..?? imyself hate it~~i dunno whether i should say out loud all the things playing around in my mind at dis moment or should i juz leave it behind and continue my normal life, ordinary routines or should i hide it and keep the thin’ to become a secret over n over until when de rite time comes.., when the things will be revealed purposely without i realise it…..im really tired of it….seriously…i keep thinkin’ bout it every single time until it makes me really sick of it….i never imagine dat things gonna be lyke dis, until todey….the things have started long ago…and slowly it is growing until todey…..and the one who should face all these funny things is me….why me???…..

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