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Welcome! And you are?
- mr pejal d great..apsal??

Are you blonde?
- i separa botak keyh...kekeke

Are your nails painted? If so, what color?
- ak xmen2 la kaler2 nie..ukir teros..wakaka

Does any key on your computer and or laptop stick?
- ader...keychain,keypad,keyboard...wehuheuheu~

Can you touch your tounge to your nose?
- hoi2...zirafah aje ak tgk boley wat mcm tu..

Do you think Orlando Bloom is hot?
- xder2!!ak lg HOT...aishhh...

When was the last time you were sick and why?
- 30 saat b4 tulis nie..sakit kaki..uhuk~

What is your favorite number?
- 6546424596089876452376759687546348658...jgn ty nape...

When you buy/recieve new clothes, do you instantly wear them or wash first?
- pas beli,pakai teros...salin dlm bilik salin baju kt kedai..wahuheuheuheu~

Do you check to make sure there's toilet paper before using the restroom?
- teknik istinjak tu ak xguna ok...

Do you drunk dial/text?
- apekah??

What household chore do you loathe?
- ntah....ak pon xfhm soalan die..

Are parents to blame for what their kids do on the Internet?
- ntah lah..depends..

Have you ever looked at a person and thought they looked like an animal?
- hahaha..pernah jgk..skali tgk mcm sipot babi..wahaha..joking~

Don't you think Crocs are ugly?
- xder lah...ak ok jew..sbb ak minat cite crocs hunter...gojes!!

What trend do you hate right now?
- uptrend....wakakaka~

Horror flicks make you: laugh, scream, or squirm?
- dia wat ak tidor...zZzZzZ~

If you could become a doctor, what would you specialize in?
- doktor sakit hati...~

What's the cutest thing a little kid has ever said to/in front of you?
- "abg long!!bonda suh basuh jamban!!"

At what age do you plan on moving out?
- ntah la...xfkir2 pon lgik neh...

What's the saddest thing you've heard on the news recently?
- palestin... :((

How long does it take before you trust a person?
- 2 saat

Do you turn the music up when a good song comes on?
- ye lah..xkan tutup kot..ape daa~

Do you hate going to the doctor?
- aah..xnak ahh..bosan~

Do you wish time went faster or slower?
- faster..mcm pen faster...wahahaha~

Are you distracted by shiny objects?
- aah...especially kepala botak cb..wahaha..saket mata ku!!kakaka~

Are you grateful for what you have?
- hekhek...aah~

Are you scared of clowns?
- xpon..wekk~

As a kid, what was your favorite activity on the playground?
- berbot buaian..pastu buai2 laju2...smpi makan rumput pdg..wakaka~

Are huge muscles gross or sexy?
- ntah la...

How do you think the world will end?
- aah

What's your favorite meal to cook?
- mcm2...

If a person had a glass eye, would that scare you?
- xpon..watpe nk takot...lalala~

Do you refuse to eat certain foods because of what they look like?
- aah kot...kl rupe mcm bangkai jew,xnak la mkn...huha~

Do you support abortion?
- nope...xbek tau~

Do you drink?
- minom lah..xminom kang haus lak..apedaa~~

Do you smoke?
- aah...dulu la....

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